Although I have now retired, I am still selling my Visio & Powerpoint stencils.


Alan Fagg
Cherry Trees, Mappleton
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
DE6 2AB, United Kingdom

tel + 44 (0) 1335 350 370

Flair Visio & Powerpoint Oil & Gas Stencils!


Please note that you can pay for these with cheque, PayPal or Credit Card (via PayPal). For Credit Card sales, please select PayPal as your payment method, you will then have an option of paying by PayPal - using your existing PayPal account, or making a secure Credit Card payment through the PayPal server.


As soon as I receive the payment notification from PayPal, I shall email you the download URL. This is usually within a few hours depending on yr time zone. If it's the week-end in the UK, you may have to wait until Monday until I'm back in my office.

Occasionally - I may be visiting a client site in Africa, Far East, etc. and may not have access to my own email until I get back to my hotel - in which case it may be a few days, especially if I'm offshore or on a remote location.
If you need to use the stencils urgently, I would suggest that you email me 1st before you buy them to ensure that I am around and can send you the link as soon as you have paid.

NB - I have recently had a couple of occurrences of a customer not receiving the download link email I sent. Despite repeated re-sends by me - my emails were never received by them - this was due to their email spam filter incorrectly marking my emails as spam - particularly those from GMAIL accounts. So try and use either business or educational establishment email addresses when you contact me or purchase the stencils. - does not fill me with any confidence - a bit like somebody coming into your shop wearing a balaclava and carrying a baseball bat - perhaps it's all very innocent and was just cold on the pitch :-(

If you do not get any emails from me in a day or so PLEASE DO NOT PANIC I are not trying to defraud you ! - check your email system spam logs, or spam directory.
If this does not help, then email me from a different email domain address or TELEPHONE +44 1335 350370 during UK office hours and I can give you the download link over the phone.

The "Buy Now" buttons below are for buying ONE set of stencils. For discounted multiple buys please email me - (I am not clever enough to set this upon this website)

Visio Oil & Gas Stencils
From £ 65 with discounts for multiple purchases

To buy 1 set now for £ 65, click on the button below.

(For multiple purchases please email me -

Over the years I have found a need for good quality Visio stencils for producing various Process Flow Schematics for clients. After spending many hours searching suppliers and the Internet I found that they simply do not exist – certainly not for what I wanted.
So I had to develop my own.

The number of shapes now totals over 200, including platforms, vessels, wells,production equipment, drilling and fracking equipment. I keep adding to the set as and when I need extra stencils.

If required, I can also create bespoke sets of stencils for your own use (please email me for details).

The stencils work with all versions of Visio (so far). Each shape is detailed enough to be used as single large presentation items (e.g. platform, well, oil heater etc.).

You can download a small example of them here.

Example PFD using the Visio Stencils
(click here to see some more examples)

The stencils currently cover 5 areas:- Offshore, Onshore, Wells, Drilling & Frac and Transport :-


The number of separate items totals over 200. If you find that some images you need are missing, or would be useful, then email me with a sketch or photo, and if possible I'll create them and update the set.

The stencils are not packaged, there is no fancy documentation, I'll just send you a download link after you have bought them - I do not expect to sell thousands of them, only a few hundred - if that!

I just hope that users will respect my copyright and the time and effort it has taken me to build them up - they are all my own work.

I think that they are extremely useful, will save you time, and I believe are quite unique - you try and buy something similar elsewhere (if you can, please let me know - I'll buy them myself!)!




Well head components



Drilling vessels


Tankers/LNG Vessels

Subsea equipment

Drilling / Fracking items

Well services vehicles

Production facilities

Power stations


Production equipment



Various structures, beams


PowerPoint Oil & Gas Drawings
From £ 65 with discounts for multiple purchases


(For multiple purchases please email me -

These are much the same as in the Visio stencil set, but on MS PowerPoint slides, so that you can cut and paste them into other documents etc. as Windows meta files. If you have the skills and time, you could create these yourself from the Stencil set. But why not save yourself the time and buy it already done, it is a lot more effort to do manually then just copy & paste from Visio into PowerPoint!!

Both the above
From £ 100 with discounts for multiple purchases

(For multiple purchases please email me -

Both Visio stencils and PowerPoint images - must be purchased at the same time.

A license permits you as an individual lifetime, unlimited use of the images/stencils in drawings, documents, presentations and sales materials - internally and externally, both at work and at home. You may also use them on your website as bitmapped images, but I would greatly appreciate an acknowledgement and link if you do so.
The license does not let you use them as part of your own software or product (but they may be used to prepare supporting documentation, packaging etc.). Nor does it allow you to re-sell or pass on freely either individually or as part of a image collection.

Licenses are single user - If you require a corporate license for unlimited use in your company, then please email me for details - this will cost between £ 500 to £ 3,000 depending on company size.

Visio Versions

The Visio stencils and template are Visio 2000 versions (tested on 2000, 2003, 2010). If you require them as Visio Version 5 stencils, then add this comment to your order and I'll direct you to the version 5 downloads. The stencils will work with all later versions of Visio.

Want to see if the stencils will work for you?
You can download a small example of them here.

Free Visio Version !!

An early version (sub-set) of the Visio stencils was available from my old web site , but I have now removed these - sorry , but I've got to make a living! However you can still download a very small subset to test on yr version of visio - click here.

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